We are the new name for exciting and adventurous travel reservation and experience.

Even though Avianautic started off as a lifestyle and sportswear and tech accessories company for people who love aviation, flying, and adventure, we are now spreading our wings! Now, we not only offer clothes and accessories for those who love to fly, but also making  arrangements for you to actually fly.

Avianautic has now entered the world of making travel reservations – no matter which part of the world you want to go to, we can make sure that you get there on time and in style. Our services are aimed at ensuring a comfortable and hassle free journey for you, without having to spend too much time, energy or money!

We are also connecting communities, cultures, and travellers by allowing them to share their travel experiences in photos and videos for their favourite airport, city, attraction, event, and restaurants!

So, the next time you are planning a trip, come to Avianautic – we will not only make sure that your travel reservations are done, but we will also be here, ready to style you for your journey!