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Hotel Reservation

No refunds will be issued for unused room nights due to early departures.

Most of our hotels reservation are book now pay later arrangements and we recommend that  you confirm Book Now, Pay Later reservations directly with the hotel, no sooner than 24 hours prior to check-in. On some non-prepaid hotels, hotel companies require a deposit up to the full amount of the stay. These rates are usually non-refundable, with no modifications allowed.

Book Now, Pay Later Reservations use your credit card to hold your reservation until you arrive for check-in.

Any changes or cancellations should be requested by calling the Hotels’ direct customer service department.

Minimum legal age to make hotel reservation is 18 years old.

A No-Show is when you fail to show up to check-in for your reservation without prior notification. If you are not going to check in for your reservation you will need to contact the hotel directly. Depending on the hotel restrictions you may be charged penalties or lose the entire pre-paid or deposit amount of you booking. Hotels may take up to 24 hours to return a confirmation number. The process starts when you book the hotel on our Site. We will send you an email stating that your reservation is confirmed. This is to let you know that we have received your request.

Car Reservation

All car rentals include the reservation fees are  non-refundable. Changes and cancellations to car rentals are subject to additional fees by us and/or the supplier.
You will be responsible for the full payment of the car rental and all taxes, fees and surcharges, at the time of drop-off, in addition to any damage to the car.
A valid driver’s license and credit card  are required at time of rental. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age to be able to sign the rental agreement.
Additional taxes and service fees may be imposed by the car rental agency at the time of pick-up and/or drop off. Please verify all fees and rental details with the car agency. Car rental reservations cannot be transferred from one person to another.
Additional equipment, such as child safety seats, navigation systems, etc. must be requested in advance and are not guaranteed. It is highly recommended you purchase some type of car insurance if you are not covered by your own policy. You can be held responsible for any damage to the rental car that was not documented prior to driving the car off the rental lot. There will be an additional fee for any “One Way” rentals. This fee can be higher if picking up in one state and dropping off in another. Please double check for any surcharges or fees if you will not be returning the car to the exact same location you picked it up from.
Daily rates imply a 24 hour reservation period. Weekly rates imply a 5-7 day reservation period. You could be charged additional fees for cars returned at a different time or date or location from the original reservation. For example, holding the car for 27 hours could cost you a single daily rate, plus an hourly rate or half a day rate or a full day rate as imposed by the supplier for the additional 3 hours.
Unlimited mileage rates have no restrictions on the number of miles you are allowed to drive. However, certain geographical restrictions may still apply. Miles per day rates specify a maximum number of miles that you are allowed to accumulate. A per mile fee will be charged for any additional miles.

Payments and Fees

All Avianautic.com car rental reservation booking fees are non-refundable. Avianautic will charge a service fee of $15 for cancellations or a change of reservation.

Other Restrictions:

Some rates may apply only to cars picked up within 24 hours of the arrival time shown on an airline boarding pass or ticket. If you require a pick up time outside of that timeframe, please contact the car rental agency to confirm they will honor your reservation.
If you are using a debit card, please check with the supplier or email us to determine if there are additional restrictions. Some rental companies will not accept a debit card as a valid form of payment and could result in being denied the rental. Local residents may have additional restrictions. It is recommended you check with us or the car rental company to verify. Falsifying information may void company liability and you may be responsible for any damages or injuries that may incur.